Performer Profile

Vincent Papa


Gender: Male
Height: 5 feet 9 in
Weight: 170
Age Range: 40 – 50
Physique: Athletic
Hair Color: Salt/Pepper
Hair Length: Short
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian, Eastern European
Voice Type: Bass, Baritone


Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 170 lbs
Body type: Athletic
Hair: Short, Salt/Pepper
Eyes: Green
Ethnicity: Caucasian


|PHIR MULAQAT HO NA HO “The Next |Orphanage’s Father|Bobby Sheikh – The | |Visitation Be Not Be – Pre-production |supporting |Fulcrum Entertainment | |Mother of War – Pre-production (2014) |French Captain |Ricky Snyder Stephen | | |supporting |Baldwin lead | |Niccolò Machiavelli Il Principe della |Mauro supporting |Lorenzo Raveggi | |Politica Pre-production (2014) | | | |The Awakening of Love (2009) |Butler supporting |Elisa Bolognesi |


|La Vita Contro |Supporting |Dir. Tommaso Agnese RAI 1 | |Che Dio ci Aiuti 2 serie |Extra role surgeon |Dir. Francesco Vicario RAI| | | |1 | |Don Matteo 8 serie |Estra role surgeon |Dir. Giulio Base RAI 1 | |Medico in Famiglia 7serie |Extra role lead friend |Dir. RAI Vincenzo | | | |Verdecchi | |Caterina e Le Sue Figlie 3|Extra role police officer |Dir. Alessandro Benvenuti | |serie | |Canale 5 | |I Cesaroni 4 serie |Extra role parent |Dir. Stefano Vicario | | | |Canale 5 |


|Fiori Group S.p.A. |Lead scientist |ART ATTACK ADV |


|The Gaiba Show |Ensemble/Lead |Dir. Stefano Vigilante | |The Hidden Spring |Ensemble/Lead |Dir. Michel Rakotosoana | |The King of Nothing |Ensemble/Lead |Dir. Michel Rakotosoana | |Passion Play |Lead |Dir. Patrizio R. Ciu prod.| | | |Ali della Mente | |Winners and Losers |Ensemble/Lead |Dir. Patrizio R. Ciu prod.| | | |Ali della Mente | |Lolek – Karol Wojtyla’s |Ensemble/Lead |Dir. Patrizio R. Ciu prod.| | | |Ali della Mente | |19, Feelings Street |Ensemble/Lead |Dir. Patrizio R. Ciu prod.| | | |Ali della Mente | |The Fable of the Beatles |Ensemble/Lead |Dir. Patrizio R. Ciu prod.| | | |Ali della Mente | |Puss in Boots|King |Dir. Nadia Fiorentino | |Ali – Minimusical |Ensemble/Lead |Dir. Patrizio R. Ciu prod.| | | |Ali della Mente | |Anonymous Neapolitan |Ensemble/Lead |Dir. Patrizio R. Ciu prod.| | | |Ali della Mente | |The Anniversary, The |Ensemble/different |Dir. Narcisa Bonati CTA | |Wedding, The Lesji – A. |supporting |production | |Chechov plays | | | |Women in parliament |supporting |Dir. Narcisa Bonati CTA | | | |production |


|Luca Era Gay |Supporting |Dir. Marco Carlucci – Song| | | |and singer 2nd classified | | | |into San Remo the festival| | | |of Italian song 2009 |


Acting workshop on scenes and camera, led by Andrea Costantini director of “REX” 2011-/2013 Italian Tv series RAI 1. Three-year course in diction, improvisation, acting techniques and voiceover techniques at the C.T.A. (Center Theater Active of Milan) and recording studios as a speaker to A.D.C. of Milan. Seminar and laboratory on the plays by Anton Chekhov led by Roberto Trifirò (Piccolo Teatro of Milan).
1st Drama workshop on texts by Jean-Claude Carriere. Led by Mamadou Dioume actor and collaborator of Peter Brook at the C.I.C.T. (International Center of Theater Research of Paris).
2nd Drama workshop on texts by Jean-Claude Carriere. Led by Mamadou Dioume.

Laboratory and drama workshop led by Mamadou Dioume on texts (plays) by Bernard-Marie Koltès Clash of the black against dogs and Quai Ouest and by W. Shakespeare Hamlet.
Laboratory and drama workshop on Stanislavsky method to The KostantLee Strasberg Studio in Rome led by Iłża Prestinari. Laboratory on the Stanislavsky – Strasberg method, processing of scenes and show cases, led by Jack Heller.


Languages: French and Italian mother tongue, English discreet. Sports: running,basketball, kick – boxing


Stars Of Hollywood Network

William E Smitson (Bales), Agent
Santa Monica, California. 90401 USA


PHIR MULAQAT HO NA HO John Albert The Fulcrum Entertainment

Employment Details

  • Work History: Internet, Theater, Music Video, Film, Television
  • Job Categories: Acting

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